The Grand Patrimoine's Archive Department

The research centre and archove department is a unique venue that gives you access to all the resources relating to the collections of the Dobrée museum and the heritage sites.

This service is a significant tool in the preservation of our heritage as it represents the memory of a work of art, a collection or a site. Indeed, documents are constantly growing archives and testimonies of our past.

Available for consultation on site:

  • Records of the Musée Dobrée's collections
  • The first registers of the collections received at the museum dating back to the 19th century, reports and minutes from the administrative committees of the museum.
  • Files relating to the collections: sorted by inventory number, by theme, by donor or testator, by town (in Loire-Atlantique)
  • Archives of the collections of the museum, relating to some collectors (Parenteau, Thoby, Rochebrune, Dommée, L’Helgouac’h etc.) containing some precious and unique documents
  • The database of the Micromusée collections
  • More than 250 senior and master’s theses as well as reports pertaining relevant to the permanent collections of the Musée Dobrée.
  • Catalogues of the collections and exhibitions presented at the Musée Dobrée (publications from 1856 to the present day)
  • Around 80 files on the exhibitions that have been presented at the museum since 1956
  • Files relating to the life and administration of the museum (letters).

Practical information:

Thearchive department is located 11 rue du Château de l’Eraudière 44300 Nantes.
It is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.
It is accessible to the public by appointment. Publications may only be read on site, upon presentation of justification.

For more information:

- Email the archivists: or

- Postal address:
Centre de documentation
Département de Loire-Atlantique
Direction culture
Musée Dobrée et sites patrimoniaux
3 quai Ceineray
BP 94109