2015 - Artists from the Casa de Velázquez

From 19 March to 6 April 2015

Casa Velasquez carte postale 2015Postcard of the exhibitionPhoto credit: Pablo Guibaldi - February 2015

On the occasion of the Spanish Film Festival, the Département de Loire-Atlantique
welcomes the work of eight artists, residents of the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid in 2013-2014 at the Musée Dobrée (Manoir de la Touche):

This exhibition is part of the Département’s policy to support contemporary art and young artists and as part of a cultural exchange program with the Institut de France.



Practical information:

From Tuesday to Sunday, from 3pm to 6pm
Open Monday 6 April, from 3pm to 6pm
Free entry
Musée Dobrée - Manoir de la Touche - 18 rue Voltaire - Nantes

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Lecture by Andrea Rodríguez Novoa as part of the ‘Villes, pouvoirs, marges et représentations’/ ‘Cities, power, margins and representations’ seminar
Concave-Convex Project: Cultural architecture in Spain, the facade as vector
Monday 23 March at 3pm at Espace Cosmopolis - Nantes
For more information, visit cinespagnol-nantes.com