2008 – Ancient vases – A student’s take

Exhibition presented from March 31 to April 11, 2008

Affiche expo-Valises collegiens-2008

As part of their annual cultural and educational project, two 6th grade classes from the Grand-Beauregard school of la Chapelle-sur-Erdre selected (authentic!) vases, created a visitors’ tour, and redacted the displays and labels.

 The exhibition is part of a larger project on antiquity taking place in the Nantes area. The project was developed by a team of teachers from the Grand-Beauregard school who wanted to awaken and develop their students’ taste for Greco-Roman Antiquity. The initiative, spread over a school-year, includes a series of activities that implicates students and puts them in creative and experimental situations. It is the result of a dialogue between the various cultural institutions involved: the archaeology department of the city of Rezé, the restoration laboratory Arc-Antique and the departmental Dobrée museum.