2003 - The Louis’ gold

The exhibition “The Louis’ gold” took place of the Departmental Dobrée museum from April 25 to October 26, 2003

The exhibition presented over 150 coins, medals and assignats that illustrate the evolution of money but also, more generally, the history of absolute monarchy from Louis XIII to Louis XVI (1610-1792) – including the great wars, the royal family’s personal turmoil and the general history of France.  lor des louis  2012-06-28 09-58-25 314

The Louis d’or, the silver crowns and the farthing presented in a beautiful case will allow visitors, particularly students, to discover the changes – particularly physical changes – of the kings thanks to the very accurate and up-to-date portraits minted on the coins, for propaganda purposes.
In addition to the presentation, the exhibition will feature activities for visually impaired and blind visitors. Indeed, another room will hold a series of reproduction of the original coin molds and will be accompanied by documents in Braille. There will also be a catalog in Braille available on site.