The reliquary containing Anne of Brittany’s heart—in 3D!

The 3D digitization of the reliquary containing the heart of Anne of Brittany, done as part of the exhibition The Heart of Anne of Brittany in 2014, is now accessible on your web browser!

Capture-Ecran-Application-Coeur3D-Annedebretagne-grandpatrimoineScreenshot of the application

Combining the latest possibilities offered by HTML5 and WebGL (used to render 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins), our partner MG Design is now offering the public the opportunity to make use of the digital mediation application created for the exhibition in 2014, and which will be on display again to the public late-2015 at the Musée Dobrée.

The application is accessible ‘in situ’ and allows the public to virtually manipulate the reliquary—the actual reliquary may be seen close by. This manipulation allows visitors to appropriate this exceptional piece and discover its every detail, thanks to new findings coming from the latest scientific research on the reliquary and its digitization by photogrammetry. Used by one person at a time, this application is available on a multi-touch panel and is connected to a 55-inch screen allowing facilitators to immerse the public in an up-close discovery of the reliquary on the big screen!

Warning: This application is available in ‘web’ mode as an experiment, it is based on the latest technologies and requires a powerful hardware configuration. It is therefore possible that your experience of the application is not very fluid or that the application doesn’t function. Thank you for your understanding.

Access the application

To access the application showing the reliquary containing the heart of Anne of Brittany in 3D, click here! (new window).


Discover the digitization of the reliquary

Learn about the process of photogrammetry used in the digitization of the reliquary.