With around 90,000 pieces, the numismatics collections of the Dobrée museum are among the richest in Europe.

They include all kinds of objects that are part of numismatics: coins, medals, tokens, paper-currency, etc.

 The museum also has one of Europe’s largest collections of seals, matrices and imprints. These collections are the result of the work of the Nantes History and Archaeological Society which collected these numerous treasures all over the department but major collectors such as Thomas Dobrée, Paul Soullard and Fortuné Parenteau also contributed to their expansion, thanks to their donations.

 There are many exceptional pieces, among which coins from the Dukes of Brittany, tokens from Nantes’ mayors, assignats from the French Revolution and necessity money. Gallic, Gallo-Roman and feudal coins also make a substantial part of the collection.

Head of the department:

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